Bio-identical Hormone Optimization

Dr. Kaplan and Carrie Fox, NP utilize Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy to optimize individuals' function and healing response.
This therapy is never just based on replacing hormones. Rather, it is a hormone optimization program that promotes natural production of hormones through vitamin and mineral supplementation, improvement of diet, and reduction of stress through mind-body therapy.


 The benefits of bio-identical hormones are numerous. Most importantly, they protect the body from inflammation and cancer in addition to being a key part of any anti-aging treatment program.


Our hormones play key roles in thousands of body’s reactions and are integral in sustaining a youthful and vital body. When their production decreases, it is evident in everything from the reduction of quality of the skin and muscle, to the reduction of mental clarity, memory, and and overall feeling of well-being.


Estrogen is typically administered as a compounded cream or a capsule.
Progesterone is most often prescribed as a capsule at night, but can also be taken topically as a cream or orally as a troche.
Testosterone can be compounded as a cream or administered as a self injection.
If a self injection is chosen, our team will educate the client on a safe technique and provide them with the materials needed for self injection at home


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