DermaFrac Micro Needling Skin Rejuvenation

DermaFrac™ Device is a three in one machine:

DermaFrac uses a micro-needling derma roller which contains 180 superfine needles to stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, helping to plump, firm, and smooth the skin. As the roller creates the micro channels in your skin, the Dermafrac™ system simultaneously enables the infusion of a potent serum to boost the impact of the needling treatment; that’s the important bit really – the serum gets to the area it is needed!

DermaFrac™ dermabrasion provides a deeper and more complete exfoliation than a typical dermabrasion device.

Red and Blue LED head allows both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory therapy.

We are the only spa in Buffalo to offer this unique treatment!

This effectively leaves your skin with a glowing complexion and instant results; and then sit back and feel and see your skin improve daily.



DermaFrac™ can dramatically improve the appearance of:


For best results, the full treatment is recommended, but each component can be done on its own. 6 weekly or bi-weekly treatments followed by 2-4 maintenance treatments per year.

The Dermafrac treatment consists of:

  • Full Treatment: 75 minutes $275
  • Microdermabrasion: 45 minutes $100
  • Micro Needling w/product infusion: 45 minutes $175
  • LED Light Therapy: 25 minutes $50

Please discontinue retinol use 3-5 days prior to treatment. Post treatment avoid AHA, BHA, and retinols for 5 days.


  • Crystal free microdermabrasion – Gently exfoliate the surface of the skin to remove dry dead skin cells to prep for the micro-needling infusion.
  • Micro-needling – only goes as deep as is required.
  • Product infusion – serum chosen depends on your concern and is selected on the day. Once the micro-needling has opened up thousands of channels through your skin, it infuses a serum into your skin that best suit your skin concern
  • LED Light Therapy- is great for acne, wrinkles, rosacea and pigmentation as it stimulates collagen production and increases the rate of skin cell renewal. Red and blue light used.


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