Let the healing begin.

Imagine a life that’s more enjoyable.
A life free of pain. Free of constant aches. Free of a clouded memory.

That’s the life you’ll live with OWM Integrative Wellness.

Through comprehensive, non-invasive treatments performed in an optimal healing environment, Dr. Leonard Kaplan and his team of professionals will not only help you heal, they’ll help you live.

Our approach is like no other. Because at OWM, we don’t treat symptoms. We dive deep into the complexities of your body to find the root of the problem.Through regenerative and integrative medicine, your body, mind and soul are rejuvenated to bring you a state of complete wellness.

About Dr. Leonard Kaplan DO

Dr. Kaplan, board certified in Physical Medicine and Pain Medicine, has nearly 30 years of experience in helping people get back to optimal function.

His wide ranging expertise includes regenerative medicine, integrative medicine, musculoskeletal ultra-sonography, and medical aesthetics

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