Our Concierge Integrative Medical Experience


At OWM Integrative Wellness our solutions are always result-driven!

We use cutting edge DNA testing technology to obtain our clients’ true biological age before we start treatments. As the image above shows, the progress can be fast and substantial!

Created by Dr. Kaplan, board certified in Physical Medicine and Pain Medicine, this support focuses on reducing inflammation, restoring detoxification pathways and optimizing cellular energy production.
Dr Kaplan and his team use cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic tools to treat mold and water damaged building toxin caused Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome ( CIRS).
Infusions have an advantage over oral supplements due to their 100% delivery to the cell. Our infusion therapies are integrated into treatment of all conditions.
Hormone imbalance for men and women is one of the main aspects of aging with profound effects on vitality, weight, sleep, and overall wellness.

Laboratory Interpretation and Chronic Illness Management

We work along side our client's primary care providers to optimize chronic conditions to include heart, metabolic, and intestinal conditions.

Focus on Women's Health

We combine female hormone optimization, stress reduction techniques and therapies, women's yoga and nutritional optimization.
We provide convenient and effective nutritional detox solutions, vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Nutritional Counseling

We work with highly experienced and caring integrative nutritionists that guide our clients through often challenging, but essential dietary changes.
Our visits include recommendation of specific stress reduction techniques and stress reducing services such as Brain Spa by OWM.
This ground breaking treatment is used to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and overall stress and cognitive stress.
This cutting edge therapy is used to for general anti-aging and vitality as well as inflammation reduction, sexual function, sleep, and brain health.
Infrared Sauna has been shown help with body's detoxification, inflammation reduction and stimulation of healing. We integrate our sauna with all of our services.
Fasting Mimicking Diet or FMD has been shown to be one the most effective ways to build body's reliance. It's many uses include general anti-aging, weight loss, cardiac disease and cholesterol reduction, an adjunctive anti-cancer strategy and more.
Our full spectrum hemp paste by My Nutra offers a multitude of benefits that include sleep improvement, pain and inflammation reduction.
Long Haul COVID syndrome has become a reality for many people in this country and our medical system is struggling to come up with a rational approach to its treatment. The reason for conventional medicine struggling with effective treatment is exactly why an integrative medicine's approach succeeds: it takes an integrative multi system approach to this syndrome to beat it. At OWM we apply cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic tools to get our patients free of post COVID issues and back to living their optimal lives.