Long Haul COVID Treatments Available:

Intravenous infusion

Viral infections to include COVID deplete essential nutrients needed by the body to fight off inflammation and generate energy. Out intravenous support includes essential antioxydants, amino acids, vitamins and nutrients to help your body replenish. Ingredients include: vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, glycine, taurine, proline, glutathione, and vitamin B12. We utilize intravenous NAD to help the cells generate repair and restore energy production.

Cognitive Dysfunction and Brain Fog Reduction

Long illness can cause sense of isolation and emotional trauma. Meditation is an established holistic method to improve mood and reduce post traumatic stress related symptoms. Transport yourself to another world of peace and beauty with our VR guided meditation. Choose from several meditation experiences available. Get an intravenous nutritional infusion that helps reduce brain inflammation and optimize function. Undergo a transformative IV Ketamine journey to help repair injured and inflamed brain nerve connections

Intravenous Ozone For Impaired Oxygenation and Energy Production

When under an attack by an infection, our cells exhaust metabolites needed for energy production and become less efficient in absorbing and utilizing oxygen circulating in our blood. Intravenous ozone has a 30 year old established track record in regulating body's inflammation, immune reactivity and increasing oxygen utilization and extraction efficiency.

Nutritional Counseling and Optimization For Detox and Inflammation Reduction

Inflammation changes that ensue after an intense viral illness are promoted by pro inflammation diet that includes artificial sweeteners, processed foods and foods high in grain-based carbohydrates. We offer cutting edge nutritional supplements, detoxification programs and work with integrative nutritionists to help our patients get back on the right nutritional path.

Hormone Support

We frequently see disregulation of sex, growth hormone and cortisol after prolonged infections. Cutting edge peptide and sex hormone optimization therapy can help the body restore balance and optimize production of these hormones.

Pre Existing Chronic Infection and Toxin Exposure Evaluation and Treatment

Often patients experiencing post COVID symptoms have underlying preexisting exposures to water damaged toxins such as mold and actinomycetes, lyme, and increased levels of heavy metals. These conditions deplete energy stores and body's ability to fight off inflammation. In these sweetened, states, the body is unable to mount a repair response to aggressive viral infections such as COVID-19. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation and treatment to correct these toxicities.

Gut Inflammation Evaluation and Treatment

Gut inflammation is one the most prevalent causes of ingoing inflammation. it often gets worse after prolonged viral illness. It also serves as a barrier to body's ability to recover. OWM implements a comprehensive integrative medical approach to gut dysfunction.