Low Level Laser Interstitial Therapy Services Offered in Buffalo, NY

Low Level Laser Interstitial Therapy was innovated by Russian scientists as a safe and effective healing strategy. Our bodies have evolved through millennia to use the sun’s light energy to heal and thrive. Our energy producing organelles, the mitochondria, have plant-like chromophores that are directly activated by various light frequencies to make energy. The implication of this physiology is far reaching.  

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The Experience:

OWM’s new powerful low level laser delivery system by Weber Endo Laser allows for direct delivery of various laser colors through a small needle. The needle is placed under ultrasound guidance into the region of the body that requires repair and inflammation reduction. The laser system generates both a strong healing response and an activation of injected healing solutions.

The Benefits:

This therapy has proven successful for any of the following:  

  • Joint osteoarthritis 
  • Spine joint osteoarthritis 
  • Spinal nerve and disc inflammation 
  • Limb nerve injury 
  • Shoulder Arthritis 
  • Plantar Fasciitis 
  • Thumb arthritis 
  • Finger Arthritis 
  • Achilles Tendonitis  
  • Knee Arthritis 
  • Ankle Tendonitis 
  • Medial Meniscus Injury 
  • Lower Back pain 
Different light frequencies perform essential functions that optimize our health. 


  • Stimulates circulation 
  • Inactivates chronic infections 


  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation related pain 


  • Strong anti-inflammatory benefits 
  • Acute pain reduction 
  • Wound healing 
  • Increased circulation and oxygen delivery 


  • Improves microcirculation 
  • Stimulates repair and restoration of function in injured tissue 
  • Reduces chronic inflammation 

What to know before you go 

Interstitial low level laser therapy by OWM allows a targeted delivery of different laser colors into injured tissue that includes nerves, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Dr Kaplan’s interventional medicine expertise allows him to place these lasers under ultrasound in otherwise hard to access areas such as spine joints, ligaments, and discs. 


Low Level Laser Interstital therapy also known as cold laser therapy has a proven safety track record spanning decades.  

 The energy levels introduced to the tissue are not high enough to damage cells but are strong enough to stimulate beneficial healing responses.  

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