The Experience

We base our nutritional recommendations based on individual’s laboratory findings and their goals.

Only the highest quality nutritional supplement products are utilized.

Vitamin Supplementation

More and more the food that we eat is grown on the soil that is devoid of minerals and is therefore nutritionally depleted. Vitamin supplements for treatment of illness and maintenance of optimal health is now more critical than ever. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is not regulated and many supplements sold at local pharmacies and big-box stores are sourced from less than trustworthy sources. Previous investigations have revealed supplements polluted with arsenic, lead, and mercury. The concentration of the ingredients is also frequently lower than stated on the label. At OWM we only use the highest quality companies whose products are third party tested for purity and concentration. Most of them will only sell to doctor’s offices. These supplements are prescribed just like medicine, tailored to the client's condition with directions of how much to take and when.
Infusions have an advantage over oral supplements due to their 100% delivery to the cell. At OWM we can deliver minerals, vitamins, and amino acids directly to the cells in under an hour. The mixtures are tailored to the individuals needs both in content and in concentrations of the ingredients. This allows for quick and effective healing and repair that can then be maintained by oral supplementation. This separates us from a typical "IV bar," where IV solutions are purchased pre-made and are sold in a one-size-fits all manner.

Elimination and Detox

More and more studies show that gluten-containing foods are difficult to digest for all, not just folks with Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Gluten proteins damage the gut lining and stimulate an immune response that can lead to increased inflammation in the entire body, settling in the joints and the nervous system. Avoidance of gluten can therefore lead to a lower overall stress and allow for better function. Pesticides and herbicides are found in our meat and grains. These chemicals destroy good bacteria in the gut and impair many critical functions in the body. Staying away from GMO foods and buying organic will go a long way to spare the body from these harmful chemicals. publishes a list of contaminated foods they call the dirty dozen and foods that are less polluted that the call the clean fifteen.

GI Support

Leaky gut or increased intestinal permeability appears to be in the center of many inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Healing the gut is accomplished with adding prebiotic foods and supplementation with medical foods, probiotics, and anti-inflammatory herbs.

Cellular Stress Support

As our cells are exposed to the products of daily physical and emotional stress, they are flooded with chemical that challenge the key components of the cell that include reparative, regenerating nuclear functions as well as mitochondrial energy producing functions. Repeated exposure to this stress ultimately leads to death of the cells and impairment of mitochondrial regeneration. This process is believed to be at the heart of most disease and ageing. Whole foods as well as adaptogenic herbs, enzymes, and fatty acids are prescribed to boost the resilience of the cells to the stress-based chemicals.

Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) Axis Support

This system is engaged in our “Fight or Flight” response to stress that is meant to be ramped up only in life or death situations. Unfortunately, in today’s fast paced world, this axis is stimulated constantly. Eventually, this leads to exhaustion of the chemicals and hormones produced by this system, causing everything from impaired sleep to fatigue and illness. Prudent supplementation with herbs, minerals and vitamins provides key building blocks that the HPA axis uses to make these vitals hormones is done to allow for its optimal function and recovery.

Glucose and Cholesterol Metabolism

Stress, illness, poor nutrition, inflammation, and chemical toxins impair this process. Certain whole foods, medical foods and herbal and botanical supplements can be used for improvement and increased efficiency of processing glucose and lowering cholesterol.