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For thousands of years, mankind has been on a quest for the legendary “Fountain of Youth”. While we haven’t quite discovered this mythical fountain, modern developments in anti-aging medicine may just hold the key to reversing the aging process.

For thousands of years, mankind has been on a quest for the legendary “Fountain of Youth”. While we haven’t quite discovered this mythical fountain, modern developments in anti-aging medicine may just hold the key to reversing the aging process.

Aging in the body occurs on many levels: degenerative, cellular, hormonal, immunological, gastrointestinal, and neurological. A deeper understanding of these aging processes is necessary to assimilate anti-aging interventions into one’s lifestyle.

 What happens when we age? 

  • Less efficient mitochondria 
  • Decreased hormone production 
  • Weakened immune resistance 
  • Less absorption of vital nutrients through the gut 
  • A decline in cognitive function 
  • Degeneration of connective tissue, joints, and discs 

Integrative medicine uses a comprehensive approach that blends modern medicine with complementary therapies to effectively reverse the aging process. The four major goals that drive anti-aging medicine are: 

  • Immune resistance 
  • Optimal detox 
  • Regeneration 
  • Brain optimization 

Dr. Leonard Kaplan and his staff at OWM Integrative Wellness are delighted to officially announce OWM’s Anti-Aging Annual Loyalty Membership program! Developed over the last seven years by Dr. Kaplan, the loyalty membership plan is designed specifically to optimize brain and body function and to create advanced immune resistance. 

In his 28 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Kaplan realized that a major roadblock to a patient’s successful health intervention is consistency. Taking care of your health and wellness is a long-term investment, and inconsistency yields only short-term benefits. But now, thanks to this cutting-edge program at OWM Integrative Wellness, all of the guesswork is taken out of following a “Wellness Master Plan” to become your healthiest self imaginable. 

The anti-aging membership includes quarterly testing and integrative health therapies that drive the 4 major goals of anti-aging medicine. These 4 goals are accomplished with the help of our highly experienced staff who will help keep you on the path to success. Some benefits of our Anti-aging Annual Loyalty membership include: 

Resting Metabolic Testing 

Unique to each individual is a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) which is the most accurate assessment of calorie needs for each individual person. The precise test results are used to determine the most constructive plan for achieving weight goals. The RMR test even calculates what type of fuel your body burns most efficiently, allowing you to adjust your diet appropriately. 

VO2 Max 

The VO2 MAX test is a respiratory evaluation that measures oxygen uptake, which is how much oxygen your body consumes and utilizes during a workout. This information helps in establishing an exercise plan that increases cardiovascular health. 

During the test, a mask is worn while working out on a treadmill or stationary bike as oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production are being recorded. This evaluation not only helps to build an ideal workout program for heart health but also fat burning optimization-allowing you to get the most out of your workouts. 

Hormone Health 

Our hormones perform thousands of vital functions in the body, but as we age hormone production begins to decline. This aging in the Endocrine System affects our skin, muscles, mental clarity, memory, and mood. The anti-aging membership offers regular hormone testing which helps to illuminate the root cause of many disorders associated with aging and proceed with the necessary interventions. 

Advanced Cardiovascular and Lipid Testing 

Going beyond standard lipid panels, OWM’s latest state-of-the-art lipid testing provides a deeper assessment of cardiovascular health. This provides the necessary information to implement lifestyle changes and a supplementation plan to strengthen it. 

Intravenous Anti-Aging 

Allowing 100% absorption through the bloodstream, Anti-aging IV bags contain potent mixtures of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These key nutrients not only fight inflammation and environmental damage but also stimulate fibroblast activity in the cell. OWM’s anti-aging infusions are customized to each individual and utilize cutting-edge therapies such as NAD, Glutathione, and Ozone Therapy

Genetic Biological Clock 

As we age our DNA is exposed to a type of damage called methylation. Genetic Biological Clock testing measures the extent of methylation which is used to determine biological age. Testing allows you to explore how genetics, diet, and overall lifestyle have influenced the aging process. These insights are necessary when setting health goals and making lifestyle changes to reverse epigenetic aging. 

Nutritional Detox and Nutritional Anti-Aging Programs 

Diet plays a major role in our overall health and anti-aging medicine. Fasting has been scientifically studied and acknowledged for its many health benefits including stem cell regeneration, strengthening the immune system, cellular resistance, improved brain function, and increased energy and revitalization. The Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet program and Core Restore Detox are included in the anti-aging membership quarterly to revitalize health and support a healthy metabolism. 

Cognitive Anti-Aging and Optimization 

Chronic exposure to stress can cause inflammation in the brain. This alters cell chemistry which advances aging and senescence. Ketamine, Brain Spa, and advanced oral supplementation are used to help reverse stress and inflammation to keep your mind sharp and optimize cognitive function. 

OWM’s Anti-Aging Loyalty Membership

Anti-aging medicine is a multiple-piece puzzle, and it takes consistency to successfully reverse the aging process and achieve overall health.OWM’s Anti-aging Loyalty Membership is an investment into a hands-on, total wellness plan of action toward your best self. As a member, Dr. Kaplan and his highly experienced staff can help guide you on your anti-aging journey. For more information on this state-of-the-art program visit here or call us today.