Aging of the skin

We are always looking for  ways to stave off effects of aging. The aging of our skin is obviously the first on our list.  As the skin ages it suffers from a combination of a gradual decline in function over time and exposure to various elements in the environment.  Unfortunately this results in collagen degeneration and impairment of the structural integrity of the dermis causing the skin to wrinkle and sag.  Thankfully there is a natural solution to this problem and it comes from your own body! A layer of your blood called platelet rich plasma or PRP, carries incredibly powerful growth factors that stimulate formation of both collagen and elastin. As a result, these factors can reverse the aging of the skin.

How PRP  Helps Keep Your Skin Stay Youthful

Currently,  PRP skin rejuvenation is the most effective natural rejuvenating method available.  Platelet rich plasma is a layer of our blood that contains multiple growth factors.  Incredibly, these factors are powerful stimulators of new skin collagen and elastin. PRP  also reduces skin inflammation and blocks  enzymes that break down key skin proteins.

Not All PRP Is Created Equal

As in all cases, methods of obtaining PRP and delivering it  to your skin vary. Buyer be ware, what you get in some clinics will not get your the results that justifies the investment.
Techniques of how to extract PRP vary from clinic to clinic.  Concentrations of PRP as well its rejuvenating power vary depending on this technique. In all cases the process starts by drawing person’s blood at the time of the visit.
Some facilities use a single spin centrifuge with a less sophisticated test tube like collection kit. Because  these typically provide PRP concentrations only one to two times of whole blood they offer weak regeneration of the skin.
Ultimate skin correction requires  concentrations seven to ten times those found in whole blood.  A  special centrifuge  with a double spin method and a sophisticated collection kit create a more concentrated, more effective PRP solution.
PRP Therapy
Finally, the method of introduction of the PRP also makes a great difference in the out come.
For best results , PRP is  injected in the deep dermis and subdermal layers for stronger regeneration and correction of deeper wrinkles and volume loss. A well trained physician should be administering this type of treatment.  A micro-needling technique   can infuse PRP  into the top portion of the dermis, helping with skin tone and fine wrinkle correction. A licensed aesthetician usually  performs this type of application.
The results are typically seen in three to four weeks. This treatment naturally reduces pore size, improves skin tone and color and  reduces fine and deep wrinkles.
Typically, two to three treatments are needed for optimal results with subsequent maintenance treatments performed two to three times per year.
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