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Self-Renewal Cellular Therapy

Tissue Support Therapy

Self-Renewal Cellular Therapy services offered in Buffalo, NY

Self-Renewal Cellular Therapy uses the most advanced techniques to stimulate healing, rejuvenation, and pain relief — with a lower complication rate than ibuprofen. At OWM Integrative Wellness, Dr Leonard Kaplan, a regenerative medicine specialist performs self-renewal cellular therapy injections in his Buffalo, New York, office. To learn more about how self-renewal cellular therapy can help you heal and optimize your body, call the office or request an appointment online now.
Tissue Support Therapy
What is Self-Renewal Cellular Therapy?
Self-Renewal Cellular Therapy is a treatment approach involving the injection of tissue support matrix cells. These cells contain your genetic material to stimulate your body to repair and rebuild damaged tissue and can be extracted from your bone marrow, your fat or from a lab manufactured placenta derived source.

You may need this type of therapy if you have chronic pain or dysfunction due to injury, illness, a degenerative condition, or are just looking for helath optimization.

Tissue support matrix cells are a powerful source of signaling factors and messengers. When administered by intravenous methods these are deployed to all the regions of the body that need repair including bone, fat, cartilage, and tendon cells. These self-renewal cells can be injected directly into the injured tissue to more strongly stimulate repair.

Because tissue support matrix cells are self-renewing, they can make more undifferentiated cells for your body to use in the healing process. Tissue support matrix cells also demonstrate immune-mediating activity that helps prevent tissue and joint destruction.
Tissue Support Therapy
Where do self-renewal cells come from?
Leonard Kaplan, DO, has a decade of experience using mutiple sources of tissue support matrix cells, including:

Your own body Your body is a rich source of matrix cells. The main two areas to harvest the cells are from the fat of the buttock and abdomen and bone marrow from iliac bone of the pelvis. Both procedures are nearly painless and fast. Dr. Kaplan can increase the potency of your matrix cells using peptides.

Exogenous sources
Exogenous (outside the body) sources of tissue support matrix cells include placenta matrix and placenta derived exosomes. In all cases placental fluid is donated following full-term births from screened mothers. All exogenous sources are screened and processed in high-end labs to ensure their safety. Dr. Kaplan can discuss which option suits your individual needs the best and may recommend lab-cultured cells in cases of chronic illness where your body’s own cells aren’t strong enough.
Tissue Support Therapy
How do I prepare for self-renewal cellular therapy?
Self-renewal cellular therapy works best when you optimize your body beforehand. This process, called preconditioning, helps the matrix cells be more active and gives you the maximum healing effects.

The OWM Integrative Wellness preconditioning program includes three days of intravenous (IV) infusions that contain essential nutrition molecules and supercharged oxygen therapy with three atoms of oxygen versus two.
Self-renewal cellular therapy can work alongside other precision medicine treatments like platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to facilitate optimal healing. To learn more about how self-renewal cellular tissue support therapy can heal you without surgery, call OWM Integrative Wellness or request an appointment online to book a consultation now.
Tissue Support Therapy

The Benefits Of Tissue Support Matrix Cell Therapy

Although the science behind tissue support matrix cell therapy for joint and spine pain is still young, it holds much promise. 

Tissue support matrix cells can be isolated from the bone marrow of the iliac crest or abdominal fat or obtained from a laboratory source. They contain genetic material that stimulates the cells of injured tissue. 
Tissue Support Therapy
What is tissue support matrix cell therapy?
Biological research is advancing rapidly. Current exogenous sources are using human birth tissue bioavailable materials, mesenchymal cells, and Extracellular vesicles to treat a variety of different conditions.

Cells extracted from the individual can now be made more potent with the addition of ozone and various peptides.
Tissue Support Therapy
What is preconditioning?
Preconditioning for Tissue Support Matrix Cell Therapy is an important step that allows the person receiving treatment to be optimized. When the body is optimized, the matrix cells are more active and the results of the therapy are more effective.

OWM Preconditioning program includes 3 days of intravenous infusions of essential nutrition molecules and intravenous Ozone therapy.

What to know before you go

Self renewal cells are potent cells that can be gently extracted from either your bone marrow or your abdominal fat or can be cultured in a lab. They are versatile; able to support many different tissues and structures in the body. In cases of chronic illness where the body’s cells are not potent enough cells cultured in a lab may be a better option.

Administration & Safety

Tissue support matrix cells are injected with ultrasound guidance to the areas of tissue injury and degeneration. Some preparations can also be infused intravenously.

A survey of 2,800 clients across multiple studies demonstrated a complication rate of less than 0.17%— less than the complication rate of Ibuprofen.

Self renewal cells that are obtained from the person being treated do not pose any risk of rejection or an autoimmune response.

Exogenous or lab-cultured tissue support matrix cells are excretion products. They are cultured and harvested in a sterile lab environment and do not cause an autoimmune response and are very well tolerated.

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