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SonoCine Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS)

SonoCine Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS) services offered in Buffalo, NY

OWM Integrative Wellness brings a cutting-edge breast screening exam to Western New York, with the introduction of SonoCiné Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound.  


Created by Dr. Kevin Kelly, board-certified diagnostic radiologist, SonoCiné AWBUS was approved by the FDA in Oct. 2008 as an adjunct to mammography, but not a replacement for screening mammography, to better identify breast cancer early in women with dense breast tissue and those with breast implants. Why is this so important:

  • More than 40,000 women die from this disease every year. Invasive breast cancer (IBC) is the leading cause of death in this country for women ages 35-54.2
  • Women with dense breasts are four to five times more likely to develop breast cancer and are far more difficult to diagnose by mammography alone
  • Its high resolution allows for finding cancer masses as small as 5mm
  • Its 3D software allows for accurate positioning of the noted mass


SonoCiné AWBUS exam’s early detection capability can help you get peace of mind and was invented to improve early cancer detection in dense breast tissue and breasts with implants.

What to Expect

The entire breast exam takes less than 30 minutes!

A special camisole is worn for privacy and to hold the breast in place.



Experience an accurate breast cancer detection method with no squishing, no pain, no radiation, no IV, and no contrast dye.

The SonoCiné cutting-edge radiation-free breast screening is performed in a spa-like environment by OWM’s caring and experienced staff.

New clients receive information on lifestyle-based breast cancer prevention strategies.

Women undergoing SonoCiné screening will be given a discounted rate for a comprehensive initial integrative medical wellness consult with OWM medical care providers.


What is SonoCiné AWBUS?

SonoCiné AWBUS or automated whole breast ultrasound exam is a robot-assisted ultrasound breast examination that eliminates human error. It allows for the capture of hundreds of images in under 15 minutes.


What is Breast Density?

Breast Density is a measure used to describe the proportion of different tissues that make up a woman’s breasts. Breast density is not a measure of how the breasts look or feel, but rather how the breasts appear on a mammogram. Breast density is typically revealed through a mammogram. Cancers in a mammogram of a fatty breast appear white on dark fatty-breast tissue. In a mammogram of dense breasts, both cancer and dense breast tissue appear white, making the cancer difficult to identify. The SonoCiné technology solves this problem.


How is SonoCiné Different From a Hand-Held Breast Ultrasound?

Unlike a hand-held ultrasound examination that is done "freehand" by an ultrasound technician, SonoCiné robotics automates the scan acquisition process by compensating for sonographer probe manipulation, thus reducing human error. SonoCiné captures a slice every 800µ( microns) or .03 inches and thereby provides enough images to identify masses as small as 3mm in diameter. Fluid video playback and visual navigation allow doctors a more comprehensive view of a possible finding. 3-D reconstruction allows the mass to be accurately located in the breast and for the elimination of false positive artifacts.


SonoCiné And Cancer Care

SonoCiné ultrasound technology is used for tracking breast tumor size during OWM Integrative Cancer therapy and for surveillance of recurrence for OWM cancer clients in remission.