Our Concierge Regenerative Medical Experience

This is a classic technique perfected by Drs Hackett and Hemwall that concentrated dextrose solution to stimulate repair of cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.
Platelet Rich Plasma is a product that is rich in repair growth factors. it is obtained from the patient and concentrated 10 fold before injecting it back into the area of injury
One of the strongest regenerative solutions that comes from the patient. Tissue Support Matrix Cells are used for repair of severely degenerated joints of the limbs and spine.
Obtained from culture-expanded placenta, tissue support matrix cell exosomes turn on the repair mechanism of the body's injured cells. They can be injected into the area or given as an infusion.
One of the most exciting products in our tool box. It is harvested from donated placenta and contains a rich complex of healing and anti-inflammatory factors. It is a potent healer of nerve and joints cartilage.
Peptides such as TB4 and BPC 157 are used to stimulate repair of tendons, ligaments, and nerves.
This medical gas is used as a Prolozone Injection for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. We use it frequently together with PRP and Tissue Support Matrix Cell Therapy injections
This ultrasound technique is effective in releasing scar tissue between layers of injured muscles and around injured nerves. Peptides and ozone solutions are used to stimulate repair.
A diluted prolotherapy solution is used to injected tender and swollen peripheral nerves to promote repair and reduce inflammation.
Tenex uses pressurized water and ultrasound pulse energy to safely and accurately break up calcium and scar tissue in tendons and ligaments. Treatment is ultrasound guided.