The Experience

  • Comprehensive clinical visits
  • Hospitality based office encounter experience
  • Easy access
  • Relationship-based medical care
  • Medical solutions that take into account the entire person, including their social, emotional, and physical demands.

What is Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine is a high end personalized medical experience where the doctor and the client enter a contract with out interference of an insurance company, the typical middle man.

Concierge Medicine's promise

In this contract the doctor commits to providing the best possible medical care to the client that is personalized to their needs. This type of care allows for fast access to the doctor with out the hassle of crowded waiting rooms.

What OWM Concierge Medicine Delivers

Your optimal health and vitality!

Here is what people say about OWM

“Dr. Kaplan is a wonderful, caring physician! He went out of his way to help my son and our family recover from an unexpected, life changing injury.”

~ Marie K.