Integrative Cancer Supportive Therapy services offered in Buffalo, NY

OWM Integrative Wellness supports patients that are in the early stages of a cancer diagnosis and those that are currently undergoing targeted chemo and radiation therapy.

Our mission is to improve an individual’s resilience, improve or restore mind-body wellness and offer natural targeted therapeutics to weaken cancer cells.

Dr. Leonard Kaplan, has over three decades of experience in cutting-edge medical treatment, including the treatment of chronic illness, pain, and integrative cancer supportive therapy. Dr. Kaplan is a graduate of the Metabolic Terrain Institute Approach to Cancer fellowship, which focuses on a deeper dive into the “why” surrounding cancer and how to support its prevention and improve treatment outcomes.

Board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dr. Kaplan is highly regarded as an integrative medicine expert. He was trained through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), a global leader for continuing medical education in longevity medicine, metabolic resilience, and whole-person care.

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Dr. Leonard Kaplan, founder of OWM Integrative Wellnss, describes how integrative cancer therapy improves resilience and offers natural targeted therapeutics to weaken cancer cells.

The Experience

Integrative Cancer Therapy and Metabolic Terrain Support by OWM offers a comprehensive holistic approach that promotes comprehensive metabolic support, immune and cellular resilience, brain health, and mental well-being optimization.

We have assembled a comprehensive team of medical professionals, cancer advocate specialists, integrative nutritional and psychotherapeutic, and yoga specialists to support our cancer patients through their challenging journey in the most comprehensive way possible.

Supportive Therapies

Intravenous Nutrient and Antioxidant Infusion Support 

Often by the time the person is first diagnosed with cancer, they are already nutritionally depleted and are in a weakened state. Essential amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients are combined to help replete and bolster the body. Ingredients include vitamin C, vitamin B, magnesium, zinc, glycine, taurine, proline, glutathione, and vitamin B12. IV Antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid and Glutathione are administered to reduce inflammation and improve normal cells’ ability to fight off chemotherapeutic oxidative stress. These treatments strengthen the individual allowing them to better tolerate the burden of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Low level total body hyperthermia

This treatment utilizes a radiofrequency dome sauna to raise the core body temperature to 103.5 F. The treatment lasts three hours. A fever state produced by this treatment activates body’s natural killer cells that target cancer cells, weakness cancer cells and makes them more susceptible to the standard of care oncology treatments, while reducing their toxic side effects.

Targeted Hyperthermia

Targeted hyperthermia has been used successfully in Europe and in select integrative cancer centers in the US to reduce localized solid tumor activity and size. As an example, this treatment can be used to shrink localized breast tumors to allow for a smaller surgical resection.

Mistletoe Therapy: Subcutaneous Injection, Intravenous, and Intra Tumoral

Mistletoe from the Black Forest region contains two groups of compounds: 1.) Glycoproteins, Polypeptides, Flavonoids, and Triterpenes that both promote tumor cell death and tumor growth inhibition and 2.) Lectins that promote immune reliance and metabolic vitality.

High Dose Vitamin C

High Dose Vitamin C is administered intravenously in a range of 25-100 grams. Due to its molecular similarity to a glucose molecule, it is injected into cancer cells that, unlike normal cells, are unable to process the vitamin. This creates cancer cell weakening and the death of the cancer cell.

Nutritional Cancer Targeting Through Ketogenic Diet

Cancer cells require an enormous supply of energy to allow them to grow and spread. This energy is derived from glucose. The ketogenic diet has been shown by Valter Longo to inhibit cancer growth and weaken cancer cells.


Our team educates our clients on various stress reduction techniques including meditation and breath work. Our Brain Spa service incorporates calming intravenous infusions, virtual guided meditation, and lymphatic drainage compression leg sleeves.

Intravenous Ketamine

Cancer diagnosis carries a heavy mental burden creating a variety of mood disorders including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. IV Ketamine has been shown to reduce these symptoms and improve coping skills. All IV Ketamine treatments are combined with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has been shown to improve cellular antioxidant strength, oxygenation, and energy production. As an oxidative therapy, there is also some evidence that it can contribute to inhibiting cancer growth and metabolic activity.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Coming to OWM in 2024

There is clinical evidence that hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can both enhance the efficacy of conventional cancer therapy and reduce its side effect burden.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

When used with a photosensitizer, PDT generates thermal energy that destroys cancer cells. Under ultrasound guidance fiberoptic wires can be guided directly into or close to solid tumors for the best therapeutic effect. 

The Terrain Approach Benefits

Integrative Cancer Therapy and Support is designed to treat multiple aspects of cancer care, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Brain Fog and fatigue
  • Gut health
  • Sleep restoration and optimization 
Immune resilience
  • Solid tumor size and burden reduction
  • Reduction of chemotherapy and radiation-related toxicities and complications
  • Improvement of tumor sensitivity to targeted chemotherapy and radiation

Treatment plans are both extensive and comprehensive. The typical program consists of two six weeks of aggressive intervention sessions, followed by a customized maintenance program.

What to know before you go

Unlike institutional medical appointments, you will have the pleasure of a spa-like setting for your comprehensive support as part of your cancer journey.


OWM integrative cancer program is intensive and comprehensive. We require a minimum commitment of six weeks.


The program includes cancer advocate support and nutritional coaching


Oral and intravenous therapy that supports the body and targets cancer cells


Intra-tumoral and interstitial mistletoe and photodynamic therapy is used to shrink lymph nodes and solid tumors.

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