About OWM Integrative Wellness

Concierge Primary Care, Integrative Medicine & Functional Medicine located in Buffalo, NY

About Our Practice

OWM Integrative Wellness, located in Buffalo, New York, provides premium quality integrative, regenerative, and functional medicine. The team of client-focused experts provides comprehensive care using the newest advances. They tirelessly pursue health and wellness innovation and use outside-the-box thinking to enhance client lives.

At OWM Integrative Wellness, the team has special training in areas including chronic illness and pain treatment, management of metabolic disorders, degenerative spine and joint conditions, women’s health, as well as integrative cancer therapy and anti-aging therapies.

The practice launched its concierge medicine model in 2014. This model, which does not accept insurance, offers greatly expanded benefits, including longer appointments and more access to medical providers.

The concierge medical model allows providers to do a truly deep dive into the root cause of illness or pain so they can formulate highly personalized treatment plans unconstrained by insurance.

The OWM Integrative Wellness team provides the best in evidence-based office-based treatments, including ultrasound-guided treatments like tissue support therapy and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help restore damaged tissue from within the body.

Whether it’s the dysfunction of an individual cell, a gut disorder, or some other problem causing pain or illness, the team finds it and helps each client attain the very best health.

OWM Integrative Wellness invites clients to start their health optimization today. Request an appointment online or call the Buffalo office now.

The Medical Model of the Future

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Mission Statement:

OWM Integrative Wellness offers effective cutting-edge solutions for degenerative spine and joint conditions, chronic illness, metabolic disorders, women’s health, cancer and anti-aging.

We provide high quality integrative and naturopathic medical care that is client focused and relationship based that seeks to optimize health and wellness of the mind and body.

We tirelessly pursue health and wellness innovation and outside the box thinking to improve our clients’ lives.

This company aims to be a total wellness center of excellence for Buffalo, Western New York and beyond.

Core Values:

Super Customer focused: Provide unparalleled customer focused health experience
Human: We humanize medicine with compassionate, personalized care
Innovation: Health and wellness innovation leader in Buffalo, Western New York community and nation wide
Empathetic: We take on every client’s goals as if they were our own
Life-long Partnership: We partner with our clients helping them live their optimal lives
Detail-oriented: We take time to accurately develop and execute health care plans for each individual