Optimal Life by OWM Annual Membership

OWM’s life optimization program is the most advanced and cutting-edge pathway to your best self!

Our annual membership in this unique program is an investment into a wellness master plan for your future self. This program offers the most advanced and comprehensive group of anti-aging therapies available. It is designed to create immune resilience and optimize your brain and body function.

The therapies are integrated and together stimulate optimal detoxification, DNA repair, damage protection, cognitive function, muscle building, and weight loss. Advanced testing is used to establish accurate benchmarks of genetic, metabolic, and physiologic wellness that are then followed throughout the year to keep you on track.

  • Program Membership offers discounts on Yoga, Personal Training, and Preventative cancer screening imaging exams.
  • It includes routine wellness and urgent care visits.
  • Savings vary up to $3000 for the complete package, based on selections chosen.

Membership includes a biannual member dinner with Dr. Kaplan. This dinner is designed to foster camaraderie and a sense of community amongst the members.  Members are updated on new innovations to be included in their services. Ideas are shared on how to continuously improve the program.

Anti-Aging Program Membership Components Include


  • Resting Metabolic Rate Testing
  • Nutritional Genome DNA Testing
  • Genetic Biological Clock testing
  • VO2 Max testing
  • Tracking of recovery, sleep, and strain via OWM Whoop Team
  • Cognitive performance testing with CNS Vital Signs
  • Annual biological age testing
  • Lean muscle mass/ body fat ratio testing
  • Dietary optimization and nutritional monitoring through Cronometer
  • Cancer imaging screening via SonoCine Whole Breast Automated Ultrasound and Prenuvo Advanced Total Body MRI
  • Two movement screens with a biomechanical movement specialist and with a yoga therapist


  • Cardiovascular health optimization
  • Anti-aging IV program
  • Hormonal Optimization
  • Cognitive Optimization
  • Nutritional Detox and nutritional anti-aging programs
  • Low-Level Laser rejuvenation therapy

This program has been developed by Dr. Kaplan and has taken over 7 years to take to its current state.

Dr. Kaplan and his team are constantly working to incorporate the latest and most cutting-edge interventions into the anti-aging program.

The Experience

Your program is personalized to your needs and your schedule.

Your OWM Anti-Aging Program Success Coach will keep you on track with reminders and follow-up phone calls. The membership includes detailed analysis consisting of the following:

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing by Indirect Calorimetry

OWM testing uses the most precise analysis of your respiration to quickly assess how many calories you burn at rest and how many calories are needed to adjust your weight to meet your goals. This test also tells us what fuel your body burns naturally helping to adjust the diet to move you to into the fat-burning range.

Dietary Optimization and Nutritional Monitoring through Cronometer

After performing your metabolic assessment testing and evaluating your genetics to understand what diet and what specific macronutrients are best fitted to you, we make specific dietary recommendations to help you reduce inflammation, and lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight. These changes are tracked through Cronometer. The information entered is shared with the OWM team. This allows us to support and guide you through the recommended changes.

OWM testing uses the most precise analysis of your respiration to quickly assess how many calories you burn at rest and how many calories are needed to adjust your weight to meet your goals. This test also tells us what fuel your body burns naturally helping to adjust the diet to move you to into the fat-burning range.

Low-Level Laser Rejuvenation Therapy

Laser irradiation with red and infrared frequencies of light increases stem cells’ cellular viability, proliferation, and differentiation. Other frequencies, can be used to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, and eliminate infections. Our cutting-edge system can use fiber-optic lasers that can be inserted into a vein (laser intravenous therapy), inserted into an injured part of the body, or worn as a helmet for brain health optimization.


Low scores on this test have been closely linked with increased mortality. VO2 Max is one the most important benchmark tests of your health. A respiratory evaluation is done while you exercise on either a treadmill or bike. The measurements are used to establish an exercise program that burns fat, increases overall cardiovascular fitness, and increases longevity.

Genetic Biological Clock

As we age our DNA is exposed to stress and damage that is called methylation. It is like rust buildup on an oxidized piece of metal. The extent of this methylation can now be applied to calculate your biological age. Once we have this benchmark, we introduce anti-aging strategies to move the hands of the clock back!

Cancer Screening with AWBUS SonoCine 

SonoCiné Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound (AWBUS) is a precision tool used to accurately measure and monitor suspicious lesions.  AWBUS differs from conventional breast ultrasound in that it uses an advanced robotic process to scan breast tissue with accuracy and precision – eliminating potential human error. It also can scan all breast tissue – including the axilla, sternum, and under-breast region which are hard to access during a mammogram. And has been proven to detect cancer tumors missed by mammograms as small as 3mm.

Cancer Screening with Prenuvo Total Body MRI


Advanced MRI is a proactive whole-body MRI screening without contrast or ionizing radiation which uses a combination of anatomical and functional imaging to generate up to 10 times more images of your whole body compared to traditional MRIs. The technology can catch potentially concerning changes in the body that might otherwise go undetected.

Nutrition Genome DNA Testing 

This genetic test analyzes a person’s genetic expression to determine the best diet, supplementation, cancer prevention strategies, and more. A comprehensive summary is provided based on the results. It includes recommendations for what to include in your nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements, as well as what to avoid. These recommendations help turn on genes essential for our longevity and turn off genes that increase the incidence of disease and cancer.

CNS Vital Signs Cognitive Performance Test

This test determines the cognitive performance baseline and identifies areas that can be improved.

Advanced Cardiovascular and Lipid Testing

We use the latest state-of-the-art lab testing to assess your cardiovascular health and implement a natural supplementation plan to optimize it.

Hormonal Health

Hormones are essential for optimal function and play a critical role in keeping us young. Our advanced lab testing accurately establishes your levels as we implement a hormone optimization program.

Intravenous Anti-Aging

Intravenous administration is the best way to quickly correct metabolic imbalances, stimulate cellular repair, and promote optimal cellular energy production. We use the most advanced methods to keep you young and energetic. All IVs are administered in the comfort of a private room.

Cognitive Anti-Aging and Optimization 

We use advanced oral supplementation and IV methods to optimize brain health. Our intravenous services include Brain Spa By OWM, Brain-fit IV, and IV Ketamine to keep your brain performing at its highest level. 
 A special infrared laser helmet is used during brain optimization IVs to further enhance cognitive performance. 
Routine wellness visits and urgent care visits are included in the OWM Integrative Wellness Anit-Aging Membership.

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