Many of us live fast-paced lifestyles which are bombarded daily with stressors such as work and family demands, processed food, and not nearly enough sleep. We are constantly multi-tasking. Sure, it feels great to be productive and check tasks off the list, but what happens when we don’t take time to give our brain a break? 

When the brain is overworked and overloaded with day-to-day pressure, a chain reaction occurs and chaos is created within the nervous system. This causes our sympathetic nervous system’s fight or flight response to become overstimulated. The result is elevated blood pressure, high-stress levels, and overactive adrenal glands.

This makes it very difficult for the parasympathetic nervous system, our body’s rest and recovery system, to kick in and do its job. This is why it’s so important to take time out of your day to practice mindfulness, relax, and take care of your mind-body health. At OWM Integrative Wellness, we offer an innovative new treatment to help restore balance in your nervous system by treating your brain to a “spa day”. 

Brain Spa by OWM 

BrainSpa by OWM is an exciting new multi-therapy mind/body treatment created by Dr. Leonard Kaplan, and offered exclusively at OWM Integrative Wellness. BrainSpa uses four separate modalities to promote brain health and cognitive optimization, which makes it the ultimate “spa day” for your brain. This 45-minute restorative treatment includes the following experiences: 

1.) Intravenous Infusion 

Nutrition has a profound influence on the health of our brain and nervous system.  Brain regenerating and rejuvenating vitamins and amino acids are combined and administered via intravenous infusion. 

2.) Virtual Reality Guided Meditation 

Studies have shown that meditation helps to strengthen the mind-body connection, boosts cognitive function, and increases the overall sense of well-being. This guided virtual reality meditation is curated to the unique needs of each patient; mediation experiences range from active meditation to games like Tetris that increase brain efficacy.

3.) Ceremonial Cacao Mushroom Elixir 

Each guest is offered a soothing cup of Dr. Kaplan’s carefully crafted elixir to promote relaxation and focus. The warm drink contains cacao and medicinal mushrooms, like Lion’s Mane and Reishi, which have been used for centuries to boost mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

4.) Leg Compression Sleeves by Normatec 

Normatec sleeves are widely used by professional athletes all over the world. Their unique segmental compressive action slowly moves up and down the leg from the foot to the hip. This promotes better circulation, lymphatic clearance of toxins, and cellular waste products. The result is hours of recovery and relaxation compressed into a 30 to 45-minute session.


BrainSpa is just one of the many restorative treatments offered at OWM Integrative Wellness for promoting better nervous system health. You will feel refreshed and have an increased sense of well-being after you treat your brain with a spa treatment, either with a massage, IV infusion, or the cutting-edge BrainSpa experience. Call us today at 716.626.6301 to learn more about our unique brain health offerings and other Integrative therapies to calm the mind and reduce stress.