Caring for Your Skin from the Inside Out: Intravenous Skin Rejuvenation

Aug 30, 2021

As the largest organ in the body and your first defense against toxins, your skin is vital to your health and is the first thing others see when forming a first impression.

As the largest organ in the body and your first defense against toxins, your skin is vital to your health and is the first thing others see when forming a first impression. Your skin takes good care of you but can only continue to do so in direct proportion to the availability of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to protect and rejuvenate. Intravenous skin rejuvenation allows you to provide your skin with the ability to perform at its maximum potential by providing the necessary building block ingredients.

What is Intravenous Skin Rejuvenation?

Intravenous infusion is the method of delivering solutions, such as vitamins and minerals, through a vein to improve the health and function of an individual. Because our gut only has the ability to absorb about 25% of any supplement, and often as little as 5%, infusion offers an alternative that provides 100% of the supplement delivered ready for cell use.

When used for skin rejuvenation, IV infusion is an effective skin rejuvenation method as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with other medical aesthetic treatments. OWM Integrated Wellness customizes our infusions for 100% absorption with each administration to ensure the most effective skin repair and rejuvenation possible.

In short, intravenous skin rejuvenation is an infusion by IV of necessary vitamins and minerals in a manner that can be absorbed by skin cells for maximum skin repair and rejuvenation.

How Does it Work?

The skin is not only the biggest organ in the body. It is also one of the most unique due to its fast turnover rates and active repair demand. The skin is tasked with addressing the ongoing aging process while simultaneously dealing with the assault of UV radiation and atmospheric pollution that occurs daily. Because of the intense demands on the skin, it burns through nutrients at a speed that is difficult to replenish through food intake or oral supplements. As a result, the skin can often not keep up with the repair and replenishment demands on it, leading to skin damage and inflammation.

IV skin rejuvenation speeds up the skin’s available response by providing the essential nutrients needed for skin cells to have the energy necessary to repair quickly and effectively.

What Are the Benefits of IV Skin Rejuvenation?

OWM’s IV skin rejuvenation solutions differ from IV bars and day spas, which purchase prepackaged solutions. Our solutions are made on-site and customized to the client. At OWM, we recognize that you are unique. Your skin needs are also. Though individually formulated, the benefits of OWM’s IV skin rejuvenation solutions are universal. OWM customized solutions include:

  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals. Improves skin nutrition.
  • Glutathione. Acts as an antioxidant for the skin, protecting it from free radicals and reducing inflammation.
  • CoQ10. Provides skin cells with the energy they need to protect and repair.
  • GHK-Cu. Provides intense repair through a special peptide.

Other benefits from IV skin rejuvenation include improved energy levels, a boost in the immune system, and better sleep quality. All of which work together to continue the benefits of IV skin rejuvenation long after the infusion.

How Is It Administered?

OWM makes every effort to ensure your IV skin rejuvenation process is comfortable. An IV bag is made at the time of the visit. Each ingredient is infused into the bag separately to provide the best quality experience. One of our trained and compassionate nurses will place an IV into an arm. If necessary, an ultrasound machine is used to see the larger veins and place a catheter. The IV process usually takes around 45 minutes and is performed in your own peaceful and beautiful private room. Your comfort is our priority at all times during the process.

Is IV Skin Rejuvenation Safe?

Infusion therapy is inherently safe. However, your well-being is our highest priority, so we also obtain lab work and a routine physical examination to ensure there are no contraindications before beginning any infusions. In addition, our expert nursing staff pays careful attention during the infusion to make sure it is well tolerated. Not only is infusion therapy safe, but your emotional well-being is safe with us also. We maintain a relationship-focused practice focused on holistic care. If you have any questions or concerns at any point in the process, we are here for you.

Types of OWM IV Skin Rejuvenation

OWM Integrative Wellness provides two IV skin rejuvenation packages.

Our Skin Rejuvenation Basic delivers essential minerals and vitamins for skin repair and rejuvenation, including biotin, selenium, zinc, vitamin C, and copper. Without these vitamins and minerals, your skin’s restorative properties are limited.

To complete the basic package, our Skin Rejuvenation Complete adds even more skin therapy with Glutathione to aid in inflammation reduction, GHK Cu peptide for skin repair, and CoQ10 IM for skin resilience and cell energy production. With our complete package, your skin has the tools it needs to complete the functions required of it.

Whichever option you choose, your skin reaps the benefit of vitamins and minerals to better help it perform at its best.

Why Choose OWM Integrated Wellness?

Designed by Dr. Leonard and Beth Kaplan, OWM is dedicated to providing comprehensive, holistic treatments in an optimal healing environment. In the spirit of promoting complete and integrative wellness, OWM focuses on the entire individual and their experience. The philosophy of OWM is an integrative model where all treatments are relationship-based. Our one-hour plus consultations allow us to tailor a treatment plan for each individual, and our spa-like environment creates an atmosphere for healing and regeneration.

Your skin is the protective barrier between harmful toxins and your health. Healthy skin provides a beautiful glow, but even more importantly, it is a crucial aspect of your overall well-being. By caring for your skin, you are also caring for your entire body. To be at your best, contact us to make an appointment for IV skin rejuvenation today. Your journey to wellness starts here. Your skin will thank you.

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