You know you need to exercise but it’s difficult to find time and there’s always the question of whether your efforts are beneficial.  You are looking for the maximum return on your time investment.  Well, look no further than the gym at OWM.  There you will find one of North America’s few SpineForce machines, a device that pretty much does it all. SpineForce, also known as the Human Body Equalizer or HUBER, is used throughout Europe by sports clubs, professional teams and in rehabilitation settings because it’s an effective and safe method for building spinal endurance, overall body strength, coordination and balance.
This is what makes SpineForce a unique and effective exercise device:

  • A moving column and oscillating platform that stimulates smaller deep spinal muscles that protect the spine and are typically ignored in core training.
  • Large sensor handles that allow for an infinite variety of exercise options making it great exercise device for both beginner and the athlete.
  • Real time feed back of your performance on a “bull’s eye” display. Your SpineForce session will have the feel of playing a videogame as you try to hit the mark.

After a half hour instructional session you will be ready to start exercising independently on the SpineForce. A typical workout session is about 20 minutes.   Increases in strength, balance, coordination typically occur within 6-8 sessions.