IOT Therapy (Bone Marrow Decompression)

IOT or Intraosseous bone marrow decompression therapy is a ground breaking technique that reduces inflammation, swelling and pressure build up in the vertebra of the spine and bone marrow of the joints.

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Intraosseous Restorative Therapy

Intraosseous bone marrow decompression therapy (IOT) is a groundbreaking technique for improvement of health of arthritic joints and spinal conditions. The use of Injections of various solutions for rehydration and infection therapy have been used in the United States for decades. IOT is based on Russian research that has been ongoing since the 1970s, and revealed that inflammation of the bone marrow of the subchondral bone causes increased pressure and congestion of channels that allow for delivery of oxygen, nutrients, and growth factors to the cartilage. This congestion both causes pain in the joint and promotes degeneration of the cartilage. Intraosseous restorative therapy alleviates this congestion and allows nutrients, oxygen, and growth factors to again reach the cartilage and promote healing.

These two images show a microscopic cross-section of cartilage and its adjacent subchondral bone marrow in healthy (Figure B) and arthritic (Figure G) joints. In the figures, bone marrow is shown in blue, while the blood delivery channels are shown in red and white. Note the significant difference in the volume and quality of the cartilage and the blood delivery channels between the healthy and arthritic joints.

Russian researchers have demonstrated that by simply entering the subchondral bone with a needle, the pressure and pain within the joint were reduced, and circulation was improved. When this entry of the joint was then combined with drawing bone marrow blood out and injecting it back in, the pressure in the marrow was further reduced. The final step in their process was to attach the needle being inserted into the subchondral bone to a 250cc bag of normal saline and infuse that saline into the joint over a 30 to 45 minute timespan. This gradual infusion allowed more time for the solution to reduce congestion and restore circulation.


  • The bony surface is easily anesthetized by a local injection of lidocaine
  • A thin needle is then inserted through the bony cortex into the bone marrow
  • Small amount of marrow blood is aspirated and mixed with ozone and anti-inflammatory solutions.
  • The bone marrow mixture is then injected back into the bone marrow.
  • After repeating this several times, there is typically a significant reduction of pressure and resistance, at which point an infusion of ozonated normal saline is performed for further reduction of congestion and inflammation.


  • Reduces pain and pressure in the spinal column often felt with prolonged standing or sitting.
  • Improves circulation to the spinal discs and joints.
  • Reduces pressure and pain in arthritic joints.
  • Improves circulation to the cartilage of the joints


Intraosseous injections and infusions are safe and effective. They are routinely used in emergency medicine for fast access to the body in life-saving situations.

What to know before you go

  • Safe and effective technique that has been extensively studied and used in Russia for over 30 years
  • Used for reduction of pain in the spine and joints
  • Used for improvement of circulation of joint cartilage and spinal discs


“Thank you for taking part in our conference on intraosseous therapy. The conference participants listened to your report with great interest. It is very important that your report provided examples of some of the first cases of intraosseous therapy in the United States. You have convincingly shown the effectiveness of intraosseous therapy in various diseases of the musculoskeletal system when other methods have proved ineffective. I hope that you will continue to apply intraosseous therapy in your clinical practice for a variety of diseases.”                

                                                                                               Letter to Dr. Kaplan from Professor Evgeny Sokov, founder of the procedure

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