Medical Grade Skincare vs Over the Counter Products: Is There a Difference?

Medical Grade Skincare vs Over the Counter Products: Is There a Difference?

Jun 16, 2022

Have you ever purchased a new skincare product only to be disappointed with the results? Are those products now collecting dust in the back of your medicine cabinet? Shopping for the perfect skincare regimen can be intimidating, not to mention, expensive.

The global skincare market is a 98.83 billion dollar market, and that number is projected to increase exponentially over the next ten years. Every year millions of women and men spend a fortune hoping to find that magic product that will truly transform their complexion only to be disappointed when the products don’t deliver. Out of the abundance of skincare lines on the market, how can you narrow down the best products for your unique skincare goals?

Medical Grade Skincare Products Treat Your Specific Skin Condition

Many people are unaware of the differences between over-the-counter and pharmaceutical skincare but there are many. Medical grade skincare products do not need a doctor’s prescription, however, they are sold exclusively at medical spas and doctor’s offices. They almost always outperform over-the-counter products because they are formulated to treat very specific skin conditions. There are many reasons to choose pharmaceutical-grade skincare over store-bought, but three of the key benefits include:

1. More Clinical Research and Higher FDA Standards

Pharmaceutical-grade skincare lines are held to higher FDA standards, therefore must be able to back any claims with solid clinical research. Before they are available for purchase, medical-grade skincare companies must test products by controlled, double-blind studies. Products you purchase at a drugstore, department store, or online are not regulated or held to these same standards, allowing claims about the efficacy of their products that may not be true.

2. Optimal Delivery and Deeper Skin Absorption

Not only do Medical grade skincare products contain clinically backed ingredients, but they also contain higher concentrations of these compounds. Product formulation and ingredient dosage determine how much it is absorbed into the skin; to make any real changes to the skin a product must be able to penetrate the barrier effectively.

Medical grade skincare is formulated to penetrate through to the cellular level to address issues such as damaged skin and acne, whereas over-the-counter products treat minor surface conditions and basically just lay on top of the skin since they do not contain the delivery systems and nutrient content to properly penetrate deeper into the skin.

3. Customizable and Professionally Recommended

Skin care professionals such as aestheticians are highly educated on skin analysis, various skin conditions, and product formulations. When you purchase skincare from a medical spa or dermatologist, you receive a customized professional recommendation on what products will work best for YOUR skin after in-depth analysis. This is the main reason why you will not find pharmaceutical-grade skincare at a drugstore or department store.

Pharmaceutical-grade products are higher-strength and allow deeper penetration and therefore must be sold by a trained expert for consumer safety. The professional aesthetician will take the time to understand your unique skin condition and the daily routine that will treat it most effectively, unlike the beauty counter salesperson or online influencer.

Consider these benefits when choosing your skincare regimen and you can rest assured that your skin will be nourished with effective doses of highly active vitamins and antioxidants. Plus, think of the time and money you will save by using products that deliver results instead of collecting dust in your medicine cabinet.


Medical Grade Skincare vs Over the Counter Products: Is There a Difference?


OWM Integrative Wellness is proud to carry Environ Skincare, a globally recognized and science-based pharmaceutical skincare line. The brand was created and developed by a world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr.Des Fernandes, a pioneer in skin needling. He formulated Environ skincare after studying the inverse relationship between skin cancer and the application of topical vitamins.

Environ skincare is both results-driven and cutting edge containing high concentrations of active ingredients such as Vitamin A, antioxidants, and peptides. The products are packaged in special, airless containers which protect product efficacy and safety and each container is marked with a “sell-by date” to ensure optimal potency and freshness. These are some of the many reasons that Environ is a world leader in the pharmaceutical-grade skincare market.

Ask about our line of Environ products during your next appointment at SPAbyOWM.

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