What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a natural non-invasive technique that revitalizes your skin, starting from within. At Medical Aesthetics by OWM Integrative Wellness in Buffalo, New York, the client-focused medical aestheticians enhance microneedling with various skin healing and rejuvenation devices and solutions such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and peptide therapy to stimulate natural skin renewal and collagen building. This non-surgical treatment can give you young-looking, smooth, and firm skin with no downtime.

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Our Approach

Medical Aesthetics by OWM uses the latest sophisticated micro needling equipment that includes a DermaFrac skin care machine and SkinPen, the first FDA cleared microneedling device on the market. 

We use our DermaFrac device to prepare the skin for a deep healing treatment with SkinPen®.

DermaFrac dermabrasion eliminates layers of dead skin and exposes younger healther skin underneath. The DermaFrac microneedling infusion applicator creates a deep infusion of skin regenerative solutions such as PRP and peptides.

SkinPen’s innovative technology is then used to create deep skin penetration that stimulates the repair of underlying collagen.


DermaFrac is a unique device that combines microneedling with infusion of PRP and peptides deep into the skin layers to stimulate deep healing that can reduce deep wrinkles, acne scarring, sagging skin and correct skin tone and texture.

SkinPen ‘s unique design offers deep skin healing without heat or chemicals, trauma, pain, or bruising and is used to improve the following:

  • Sun damaged skin    
  • Fine lines and wrinkles of the face and neck    
  • Sagging skin around the eyes, cheeks, and chin     
  • Acne Scars    
  • Uneven skin tone    
  • Crepey thin skin 

Our medical aestheticians practice an integrative approach to aesthetics by using the Four R’s integrative medicine approach to help our clients achieve lasting healthy, radiant skin.

  • Remove dead skin, unhealthy bacteria, and toxins.
  • Replace nutrients and hydrating skin oils.
  • Re-inoculate: A breakthrough probiotic skin cream, Biojuve, restores a healthy skin microbiome which will allow the skin to continue the anti-aging process long after the in-office treatments have been completed.
  • Repair: Sophisticated medical aesthetic technology is then used to repair the skin gently and naturally.

What to know before you go


Depending on your individual needs and skincare goals, our medical aestheticians may use the state-of-the-art DermaFrac C™ dermabrasion and microneedling with infusion system which doesn’t require pushing the tiny needles into the skin, but instead uses suction to pull the skin up to create the skin pricks, creating a more comfortable experience. Rather than smearing the skin with solutions, our aestheticians can use DermaFrac technology to infuse them deep into the skin layers, thus stimulating deep repair and rejuvenation.


OWM is proud to be among the few rejuvenating centers to use the first FDA cleared microneedling device called SkinPen®. Its sophisticated rotational mechanism allows our medical aestheticians to use a smooth gliding motion rather than a rough stamping of the skin. Its powerful motion delivers 1600 micro channels per second, while maintaining consistent sharpness that minimizes skin trauma and bruising. It active retraction of needles prevents skin tracking and scratching.

We proudly use the 4 R’s integrative medicine approach to aesthetics and incorporate Biojuve, an advanced probiotic skin cream treatment. 

OWM Difference

Most medical spa facilities use a topical application of a regenerative solution such as PRP or peptide serum. A single microneedling device is then used to drive the solution into the skin while creating microscopic skin punctures that stimulate repair. This leads to a wasting of a significant portion of your platelet rich plasma or an expensive solution because only a small portion is actually driven deep in the tissue that needs repair.

The combination of our two systems allows us to drive a 100% of the solution into the skin region that needs repair. Pairing Dermafrac and SkinPen provides:

  • Highly effective standalone treatments
  • Unbelievable results when used together

ONLY Available at Medical Aesthetics by OWM!


SkinPen’s break through design is packed with safety features: Retractable needles prevent scratching and tracking. Its rotational design allows for the tool to glide along the skin. This prevents bruising. The needles stay sharp for at least eighty minutes of treatment. This allows for a painless experience.

DermFrac’s patented vacuum technology gently pulls the skin to the applicator which allows for deep infusion of rejuvenating solutions without trauma.

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