Mold & Water-Damaged Building Illness Treatment

OWM Integrative Wellness’ comprehensive integrative medicine diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Kaplan, an integrative medicine physician, and Dr Kim Howes, a naturopathic physician, are trained by Dr. Shoemaker in a Chronic Inflammatory Response System treatment protocol. Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Kim use cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic tools to treat mold and water-damaged building toxin-caused Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Thanks to OWM Integrative Wellness, many clients were able to discover and eliminate previously unrecognized mold and water damage-related bacterial toxins from their homes and offices! 

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How does mold and other water damaged building toxins (WDBT) cause illness?

These toxins produce poisonous substances called endotoxins which can be toxic for humans when they are inhaled and occasionally eaten. In genetically susceptible individuals even a small amount of endotoxins can adversely impact human health.

Where are the mold and other (WDBT) found? 

The musty odor attributed to mold actually comes from an associated bacteria called Actinomyces. Although mold and actinomyces start growing due to some kind of water entry into the house. The mold spores and the bacteria themselves will persist once the water damaged area has dried. Some of the common points of entry are through the leaky roofs and windows, basements, and leaky bathroom faucets and bathtubs. 

What can mold and WDBT do to humans? 

WDBT exposure symptoms generally may be grouped in two ways, acute or chronic. The symptoms are shared by all CIRS patients. Acute exposure to large amounts of toxins will generally present symptoms that are very severe and quick to show up, however, symptoms from low doses over an extended period can result in more serious health issues and be far more difficult to pinpoint to exposure. These common gradually and progressively get worse with every re-exposure. This is the phenomenon we call Sicker-quicker. 

How do I know if I have Mold or WDBT related CIRS? 

Environmental, genetic and blood testing is essential to diagnose etiology of CIRS.  

Chronic Inflammatory Response System-related symptoms include: 
  • Anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Chronic joint pain and inflammation  
  • Nerve pain 
  • Sleep disturbance or irregular sleep patterns  
  • Severe fatigue 
  • Brain fog and low productivity  
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome 


How is Mold and WDBT related CIRS treated? 

An OWM Integrative Wellness, Dr. Kim Howes’ and Dr Kaplan’s extensive training, and experience with CIRS illness ensures that clients undergo a thorough root cause analysis. They offer comprehensive cutting-edge treatment and metabolic support that leads our clients to wellness. 

The OWM’s intensive investigation utilizes specialized testing, and natural integrative therapeutic interventions. OWM Integrative Wellness Clinic will guide you from start to finish on the journey of recovery from this challenging and typically unrecognized illness using the following:

Genie Testing

This advanced genetic test is used for the diagnosis of an individual’s toxin exposure and its effects on various aspects of their metabolism and anatomy.

MARCONS Nasal Swab Testing 

A special test is performed in our office to diagnose the presence of MARCONS in the nasal passages. This infection is frequently present as a result of mold and water damaged building related toxin-related illness and secretes toxins that further exacerbate CIRS.

Comprehensive Lab Work Up 

Specialized blood analysis is used to assist in the diagnosis of CIRS and is then followed to make that all abnormal markers are normalized with our therapy.

Removal Therapy Phase

This phase focuses on removing offending infections and toxins to clear a path to recovery: Welchol is used to pull circulating toxins from the body. A nasal spray is used to eradicate frequently coexisting MARCONS nasal infections. Home remediation and cleaning to reduce ongoing toxin exposure.

Reparative Therapy Phase 

We use advanced techniques to guide cellular repair and energy production that is damaged by the CIRS illness: Intravenous infusion of essential amino acids, antioxidants, and energy substrates such as NAD. Intravenous ozone and plasmapharesis  are used to improve brain and body cell oxygenation, energy production, and repair. Peptide therapy is used for the promotion of repair of CIRS-related cellular damage.

Vasointestinal Peptide therapy 

This therapy is the final stage of the Dr. Shoemaker CIRS protocol and is used to help repair injured brain and nervous system cells. VIP therapy can only be started once all the previous phases of treatment have been completed.

What to know before you go

The OWM approach to CIRS looks for a root cause of this illness.  Our intensive investigation, specialized testing, and natural integrative therapeutic interventions lead to healing and wellness. Some of the specialized testing will not be covered by conventional insurance. OWM Integrative Wellness Clinicians will guide you from start to finish on the journey of recovery from this challenging and typically unrecognized illness. 

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