Peel Away Winter with the Revolutionary Environ Cool Peels

Peel Away Winter with the Revolutionary Environ Cool Peels

Apr 25, 2022

In the late winter months, do you feel like your skin looks less vibrant and refreshed than in Summer, and your normal skincare routine doesn’t seem to be working the same as it used to? This can be for several reasons but mainly skin’s inability to hold as much moisture due to dry indoor air, low humidity outdoors, and long, hot showers. These factors all cause the skin to dehydrate leading to more redness and irritation and an overall dull appearance in the complexion.

Also, a buildup of dead skin cells can create rough and uneven texture making wrinkles and other impurities more apparent. So how can we keep our skin look healthy and revitalized even when the seasons are working against us?

This is where regular chemical peels can come to your skin’s rescue! The words “chemical peel” can sound scary and intimidating to some people due to the pain and downtime associated with chemical peels in the past. However, with Environ’s Cool Peel technology you can enjoy the benefits of “peeling” the skin without the harsh side effects and downtime of traditional chemical peels.

What are the benefits of a peel? 

  • Removes dead skin cells that give skin a dull appearance
  • Lessens acne blemishes by keeping dirt and oil from clogging pores
  • Lightens age spots and pigmentation by increasing cell turnover
  • Improves the appearance of wrinkles by smoothing the outer epidermis
  • Releases growth factors to produce thicker, healthier skin

Traditional Peels Vs Environ Cool Peels 

Although peels are an extremely beneficial addition to almost any skincare routine, it’s important to remember that not all peels are created equal. Traditional peels contain a high percentage of acid to remove layers of the skin; the percentage of acid can range anywhere between 20-70% depending on who is administering the peel and the desired outcome. Peels with up to 30% acid are considered superficial, but anything higher is considered deep and should only be performed by a licensed physician.

While these peels may help to improve some skin conditions, the downtime and potential risks far outweigh the benefits. This is because traditional peels are based on the destruction of skin cells but offer little support for the natural processes of healthy skin.

Also, higher percentages of acid tend to result in a very slow healing response and can come with negative outcomes such as bacterial infection and post-inflammatory scarring. Ouch! Luckily, Environ Cool Peels offer a revolutionary non-invasive approach to stimulating cell turnover while at the same time maintaining the skin’s integrity.

Environ Cool Peel technology was developed by Dr. Des Fernades – the plastic surgeon and scientist who pioneered microneedling. These groundbreaking peel formulations contain low acid percentages paired with a low pH to effectively penetrate the skin’s barrier while preserving healthy epidermal cells. This means that your healthy skin cells continue to flourish while unhealthy skin cells die off- unlike traditional peels that destroy both healthy and unhealthy skin cells.

Another thing to consider is your comfort level during the peeling process. Thanks to Environ’s gentle peel formulations, a Cool Peel is much more comfortable than peels of the past and feels cool and pleasant on the skin. The name speaks for itself!

Cool Peel Contraindications 

Even though Environ Cool Peels are much more gentle than traditional in-office peels, some precautions need to be considered before treatment.

  • Accutane – those who have been using the drug Accutane must be off of the medication for 6-12 months before any peel treatments.
  • Excessive Sun Exposure – must be avoided 10 days before peeling and sunscreen should be worn daily.
  • Waxing – should be avoided 5-7 days before peeling and at least 10 days after.
  • Microdermabrasion, Dermabrasion, and Laser Resurfacing – must be avoided at least 1 month before treatment but sometimes longer depending on strength of the treatment. It’s always best to check with your physician.
  • Skin Not Prepped with Vitamin A – the most important ingredient for skin health, Vitamin A creates stronger, healthier skin allowing the peel to work at full potential without unnecessary sensitivity post-peel. The skin should be prepared with topical Vitamin A at least 2 weeks before any peel. Your esthetician will be able to guide you through the preparation stage.
  • Diabetes and Skin Diseases – can cause slow wound healing even with more gentle peels.
  • Cancer or Radiation – can make skin more sensitive. It’s best to avoid skin peeling at this time.

Environ Cool Peels are fully customizable to the patient and can help several skin conditions. Also, Cool Peels strength can be adjusted from very mild for first-time users to more advanced for those with deeper skin concerns. Either way, these peels are cleverly designed to lightly peel away dead skin to accelerate the production of fresh, healthy cells revealing a more healthy and vibrant complexion. Call OWM Integrative Wellness for your complimentary skin care consultation. It’s time to peel the winter away!

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