Perineural Injection Therapy (Neural Prolotherapy)

Neural Prolotherapy is a safe and effective treatment for chronic nerve pain resulting from injury or repetitive motion damage. Injured and inflamed nerves cause chronic pain that is not treatable by surgery or pharmaceutical drugs. Attempting to treat nerve damage with pharmaceutical drugs gives little relief at great risk.

Neural Prolotherapy is sometimes referred to as Perineural Injection Treatment (PIT) or Perineural Subcutaneous injections (PSI).


Perineural Injection Therapy (PIT) bathes the nerve and promotes healing and recovery of the myelin sheath as well blocking of nerve receptors that release inflammatory chemicals. It reduces nerve induced inflammation and local tissue injury, making the affected area less sensitive and more resilient to stress and tension.

Used for inflamed nerves of the arms and legs as well as superficial nerves of neck and lower back. 


Indications for neural prolotherapy:

  • Unprovoked and unremitting skin and muscle pain and inflammation
  • Tenderness to touch and pressure
  • Burning, cramping, and deep muscle aching

Pain relief is immediate after the first round of injections however you will require multiple treatments to achieve lasting relief. Relief may initially be as brief as a few hours or days. Your symptoms will return less frequently and less intensely after each treatment.


Treating neurological pain with neural prolotherapy begins with a diagnosis. Dr. Kaplan bases recommendations on your consultation and image studies. OWM Buffalo takes ultrasound images of your nerves at our wellness center. The treatment consists of a series of tiny half-inch injections targeting painful affected nerves with a weak glucose solution. This sugar solution stimulates healing, reversing nerve damage and its symptoms.


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