Platelet Rich Plasma Gets You Back In The Game!

Platelet Rich Plasma Gets You Back In The Game!

Sep 3, 2018

Dr Leonard Kaplan

PRP Helps Where Conventional Medicine Fails In Natural Treatment For Joint Injuries

Have you ever gotten injured and been told to live with it? Solutions to joint injuries can be quite limited. There’s the typical course of physical therapy and may be a steroid injection or two. After that, if you’re not better it could be surgery or an equally frustrating experience of being told not to do the things you love anymore. We are defined by athletic activities we pursue. It is quite devastating when we have to stop them. Don’t you wish that was another option that did not involve surgery? A treatment that is natural and would allow you to return back to your sport or favorite activity? The good news is that platelet rich plasma provides the answer!

Recover Like A Pro With Platelet Rich Plasma!

PRP or platelet rich plasma is a layer of the blood that contains growth factors necessary to heal a joint, ligament or tendon. Medicine has used it for close to thirty years. However it only gained popularity for sports medicine applications in 2006. This is when Dr Alan Mishra released a seminal article on PRP treatment of tennis elbow injuries.

Platelet rich plasma now plays a key role in accelerated return to play and function for recreational and professional athletes alike. Many NFL players and elite professional athletes from other sports such as basketball, golf and tennis now routinely use this treatment to quickly return to their sport.

How Does PRP Work?

Blood flow delivers necessary nutrients and growth factors to stimulate healing after injury. Unfortunately, in many cases the circulation to the injury is not adequate and that delivery does not happen. What’s worse is that the body starts to ignore the injured area all together after about six months.

This is where the power of your own body comes in through platelet rich plasma. A trained medical specialist draws the blood from an arm vein at the time of the procedure. A sophisticated centrifuge spins the blood and concentrates the Platelet rich plasma layer about ten-fold. PRP is then injected into the area of injury. It delivers the healing factors that the body is missing and starts the healing process even if the injury is greater then six months old!

Platelet rich plasma’s power comes from its incredible versatility. Its regenerative powers heals a variety of conditions such as arthritis, meniscus tears and tendon injuries. It offers one of the best alternatives to surgical treatments of tendon and ligament tears to include tears of rotator cuff, tennis elbow and achilles tendon.

Not All Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Are Created Equal

If this blog peeked your interest in this procedure, the next step is to make sure that you go the right place to get it.

Doctors that treat injuries with platelet rich plasma come from different backgrounds. In many cases they perform a single injection into the area of injury only. This ignores all the surrounding structures that are also frequently injured and in many cases are complicit in the cause of the main injury. This type of treatment often results in incomplete healing. Stay away from this “one and done” approach! A preferred method is to treat the entire area of supporting ligaments and tendons. This way the whole region is strengthened, creating the best possible environment for healing.

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