Rejuvenating the Skin with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Rejuvenating the Skin with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Apr 4, 2022

In the last few years, celebrity-touted “vampire facials” have been growing in popularity. Especially on social media where you can find some scary-looking selfies revealing blood-smeared faces at the medi-spa.

However, what may sound like a spooky beauty treatment is a highly sought-after regenerative medicine procedure, and all buzzwords aside, more professionally known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – or simply PRP. This biological cell therapy, which has been used in medicine for over twenty years, relies on the body’s natural healing ability to promote anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

There are three types of major cells in our blood: red, white, and platelets. Platelets are specialized cells that produce growth factors that promote the regeneration of damaged tissue.

During a PRP session, a medical professional draws a small amount of your blood. To separate the platelets from these other cells, the blood sample is placed in a special container that starts to separate the blood which is then placed in a centrifuge and then spun and processed

This platelet-rich plasma is then reintroduced into the body through the skin via injection or microneedling. Introducing PRP into the skin helps to accelerate the replacement of epidermal tissue formed in the dermal layers. The result is collagen remodeling which improves skin volume, texture, and elasticity.

What skin conditions does PRP treat?

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Crepe-like thin skin
  • Skin color and tone irregularities
  • Sagging skin around eyes, cheeks, and chin
  • Loss of facial volume
  • Scarring
  • Photo-damaged skin and hyperpigmentation 

PRP Medical Skin Rejuvenation vs. PRP Microneedling

At OWM Integrative Wellness, we offer both PRP microneedling and PRP skin revitalizing injections. The chosen method of platelet-rich plasma therapy is determined by the complexity of the skin condition and the extensiveness of the skin damage. Both procedures offer the highest concentration of PRP available on the market through a double spin process.

PRP Medical Skin Rejuvenation is performed by Dr. Kaplan and involves a gentle injection of PRP through a blunt cannula. Rather than an injection of a volumetric filler, platelet-rich plasma is used to restore volume and treat deeper wrinkles and scars. This process is also highly effective on areas of skin discoloration due to extrinsic and intrinsic aging factors.

PRP injection is a safe and all-natural outpatient procedure, using a patient’s growth factors to stimulate regeneration of collagen rather than using filler to increase volume to an area. If you are someone who is hesitant about using cosmetic fillers, or anti-aging treatments involving days and weeks of downtime, then PRP injections are a great alternative option to rejuvenate the skin! When PRP is injected into the skin, the body responds in the same way it would if an injury had occurred in the area.


  • A small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn and placed into the centrifuge.
  • While the blood sample is spun through the centrifuge, a topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area preparing the skin for a virtually painless procedure.
  • Once the platelet-rich plasma is separated in the centrifuge, platelet-poor plasma is applied to the face. This plasma is low in platelets, however, it is advantageous for wound healing and contains beneficial nutrition for the skin.
  • PRP is then injected into the treatment area, including areas of the face, neck, and hands.

The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes to an hour and the best results can be noticed anywhere from two to four weeks after the session. One to three sessions are generally recommended depending on the skin condition and results typically last about twelve to eighteen months.

PRP Microneedling

Another way to rejuvenate the skin with PRP is through aesthetic microneedling treatment. Many medi-spas spread the platelet-rich plasma over the patient’s face like a serum and simply microneedle over it by pressing needles into the skin. This can be pretty painful and cause unnecessary redness and bruising for several days.

At OWM Integrative Wellness, PRP microneedling is offered through the advanced technology of the BioGenesis Dermafrac system. This device uses a microneedling derma-roller which contains 180 superfine needles and special vacuum technology. The derma-roller creates microchannels in your skin while the Dermafrac system simultaneously enables the infusion of potent platelet-rich plasma directly into the skin to boost the impact of the treatment. This allows deeper penetration of PRP and offers a more comfortable treatment, eliminating a topical numbing solution.

A PRP microneedling treatment typically takes 45 minutes to an hour and a series of treatments are recommended for specific skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. However, those looking for preventative anti-aging may find that one treatment every three to six months is adequate in maintaining the skin’s plump and youthful glow. This is especially true when treatment is accompanied by a proper home care routine and paired with other anti-aging procedures such as laser and chemical peels.

Combining skin needling with the potency of our body’s growth factors is a game-changer for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation and can treat an array of skincare concerns on the face and body. To learn more about platelet-rich plasma or to find out which PRP modality would best suit your skincare needs call us today for your personalized skin assessment.

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