TENEX™ Tenotomy, the Non-Surgical Solution for Chronic Tendon Pain

TENEX™ Tenotomy, the Non-Surgical Solution for Chronic Tendon Pain

Jun 27, 2022

Tennis elbow, Jumper’s knee, and Swimmer’s shoulder – what do all of these conditions have in common? Aside from being common injuries for athletes, all of these conditions involve chronic pain as a result of tendon inflammation.

However, you don’t have to be an athlete to experience chronic tendon pain. Putting too much mechanical stress on a tendon during work or play increases the risk of tendon overuse injury. The resulting chronic pain can be both debilitating and disruptive for an individual, making normal daily activities difficult to manage.

What can be done to treat chronic tendon pain? 

Standard treatment for chronic tendon pain generally involves steroid injection, physical therapy, and surgery, but OWM Integrative Wellness offers the TENEX™ Tenotomy procedure, an advanced FDA-approved minimally invasive, non-surgical technology that removes degenerative scar tissue and stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Treatments are performed in-office under local anesthetic and offer rapid recovery and relief for those suffering from all types of chronic tendon pain.

What causes chronic tendon pain? 

Tendons are the fibrous ends of the muscle that connect to bones and are primarily made up of collagen. The tendons work with muscles and joints allowing us to move and keep the body stable. However, when tendons become overstrained they are prone to injury and can take an extended time to heal. When part of the tendon becomes damaged, inflammation occurs and the tendon becomes thickened and weak.

As a result of scar tissue and calcification in the tendon tissue, the nerve endings become irritated, causing discomfort and pain in the body (tendinopathy).

This injury can be caused by several factors including overuse, repetitive motion, physical trauma, or reduced flexibility associated with aging, which is why you don’t need to be a tennis player or swimmer to develop tendinopathy.

Common signs of tendon injury include:

  • Pain and soreness near the injured tendon
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness in the affected area
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Difficulty lifting objects
  • Pain during and after activities involving the use of the tendon
  • A dull ache to the area even at rest
  • Muscle instability

TENEX™ Administration

Here at OWM Integrative Wellness, Dr. Leonard Kaplan, a preferred practitioner for the cutting-edge TENEX™ technology, uses the guidance of ultrasound to direct the TENEX™ needle tool to the area of damaged tissue through a tiny incision. An ultrasonic compressor vibrates the needle rapidly, propelling a jet of water under high pressure into the treatment area. The water is then suctioned out which breaks up the scar tissue.

Only the damaged tissue is removed thanks to ultrasound imaging and the advanced microtip technology of the TENEX™ Health TX. The removal of scar tissue allows the tendon to then heal properly and the patient experiences rapid pain relief.

If you suffer from chronic tendon pain then TENEX™ Tenotomy may be the solution. Surgical procedures are no longer the only option for treating tendon injury. If you are experiencing chronic tendon pain contact us today to learn more, and request a consultation.

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