Try These Strategies to Thrive as You Get Older

Try These Strategies to Thrive as You Get Older

Jul 1, 2023

There are plenty of clichés about aging, like: “You’re not getting older; you’re getting better,” “You’re only as old as you feel,” and “Age is just a number.” Those platitudes may sound reassuring, but the reality is that time changes your body and mind, and not always for the better.

If you want to make those adages ring true, you need to take action — and we can help.

Dr. Leonard Kaplan, Dr. Kim Howes, and our OWM Integrative Wellness team in Buffalo, New York, are shaking up how people think about aging. Our clients rave about our refreshing perspective on thriving through the golden years and our team’s expertise that helps them navigate the journey with highly personalized strategies. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer.

Strategy #1: Stop problems before they start

Our OWM Integrative Wellness team is passionate about disease prevention and believes it’s the foundation for lifelong health.

Most people know the basics of preventive health care, like eating well, exercising, and staying up-to-date on vaccinations. But at OWM Integrative Wellness, we go far beyond basic — we dig deep into your DNA and assess all your systems to detect the red flags that warn us about potential problems. Here are some examples of our preventive health strategies that allow us to predict future problems:

  • Genetic biological clock testing to assess DNA damage
  • Breast cancer screening with AWBUS SonoCiné, a whole-breast automated ultrasound that scans breast tissue comprehensively without squishing or contrast dyes
  • CNS Vital Signs Cognitive Performance Test to get a baseline of your cognitive function
  • Advanced cardiovascular and lipid testing to examine your heart health
  • Hormonal testing to assess your hormone levels and functioning
  • Prenuvo MRI whole-body cancer screening to detect early signs of cancer

Knowing you’re at risk for a health challenge gives us a head start in treatment.

Strategy #2: Repair and restore

Chronic health issues impact 60% of adults in the United States, and the problem increases with age. It’s difficult to thrive when battling a persistent illness or injury, so OWM Integrative Wellness offers advanced technologies and treatments to resolve chronic and acute health conditions, including state-of-the-art spine, joint, and nerve support therapy such as:

OWM’s expert functional, integrative, and naturopathic medicine providers can help optimize your whole body wellness and improve your quality of life with their expertise for general anti-aging and vitality with:

After assessing your condition and reviewing your medical details, we customize a treatment plan that addresses the underlying issues responsible for your condition and is designed to initiate tissue repair and hormone production.

Strategy #3: Prepare for the future with cutting-edge personalized testing

The final strategy for thriving as you age is taking proactive steps for optimal health. Our OWM Integrative Wellness team believes it takes more than the absence of illness to make the most of your golden years, so we provide the support you need to face the future with vigor.

Through strategic testing, we can determine exactly how your metabolism works (resting metabolic rate testing by indirect calorimetry), which nutrients will switch on your longevity genes (nutrition genome DNA testing), and what your oxygen intake says about your overall health (VO2Max testing).

Let our proactive strategies optimize your immune system, biomechanics, and brain function. If you want to truly optimize your health as each year passes by, consider an annual membership in our proprietary anti-aging program. Dr. Kaplan devoted seven years to developing the most effective pathway to maintaining health and vitality with one-on-one coaching that supports you along the journey.

Learn more about our anti-aging strategies by calling our friendly staff at 712-453-2252 or requesting an appointment online.

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