What Does Concierge Wellness Mean for Patients?

What Does Concierge Wellness Mean for Patients?

Oct 15, 2017

Specialized attention and a guarantee you will always see the same provider are the two top benefits of concierge wellness. For OWM patients, it means access to a comprehensive suite of resources for progressing from your current state to your ideal physical condition.

Well rounded care must address all aspects of the body, so appointments at OWM includes osteopathic care supplemented by exercise therapy, therapeutic yoga, nutrition guidance, and stress reduction.

Osteopathic Care

Your osteopathic physician will be your guide as you take control of your physical health. We have diagnostic equipment on site and are able to interpret your image studies instantly. If you require manual therapy or regenerative medicine, you will receive it from the same physician every appointment.

Nutrition support

Eating right is easier said than done. Nutritional advice and assistance will begin with a complete nutritional and medical history. A realistic and individualized plan will be created based on your goals and lifestyle. What works for one client may not work for another, therefore designing a plan that serves your unique needs is essential.

Physical Therapy and Personal Fitness

Physical therapy provides instruction in balance and efficient movement that is necessary for healing and the ability to move with less pain. Whether your goal is to be able to climb stairs with less pain or return to athletic competition, physical therapy is a key pillar in your overall wellness plan.

Under direction of osteopathic physicians, our physical therapy partners specialize in treatment that is customized to treat your painful condition with the goal of returning you to the activities you miss. Your appointments will take place in the OWM Buffalo fitness center. It is also possible to arrange in-home sessions. Contact our physical therapist for more information.

Our physical therapy partners are skilled in identifying weak linkages that keep you in pain. You will receive an explanation of your condition and a treatment plan. Your treatment will combine the best manual therapy and exercise based approaches that are grounded in the osteopathic philosophy that the body has the natural ability to heal itself when it is properly guided to health with movement.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness based stress reduction (MSBR) is an effective method for reducing stress. Stress is linked with premature aging and a myriad of health conditions. We over-activate our body’s natural fight or flight response by allowing distractions to linger. MSBR is proven effective for pushing away unhealthy mental stress and being mentally present in the moment.

Concierge wellness clients have access to our 8-week MSBR course. Learning these techniques will make you more productive and prone to better moods. The sessions combine meditation and gentle yoga to teach you to mindfulness techniques you can practice forever.

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