Yoga by OWM to Offer Wall Yoga Demos and New Restorative Wall Yoga Class

Yoga by OWM to Offer Wall Yoga Demos and New Restorative Wall Yoga Class

Mar 17, 2023

Yoga by OWM at OWM Integrative Wellness is the only WNY studio to offer the unique Iyengar-based Great Wall suspension system. New demos and a restorative wall yoga class are available this spring.

OWM Integrative Wellness is proud to offer new Wall Yoga opportunities beginning this April for those interested in the unique and versatile Iyengar-based Great Yoga Wall suspension system which replaces traditional Iyengar ropes. Yoga by OWM is the only studio in Western New York to offer this system which provides adjustable straps to support different parts of the body, taking strain and pressure off unstable and/or overused joints. The Wall is ideal for students new to yoga, as well as experienced students and teachers looking to enhance and refine their practice.

OWM’s founder, Dr. Leonard Kaplan states, “Whether you have always wanted to try yoga and are too intimidated by the traditional yoga studios or you have an injury that you think precludes you from continuing your practice, I encourage you to try a session with Yoga by OWM. Our skilled instructors take their time to get to know each of their students and their concerns.”  He shares that the benefit of the straps on the wall is that it helps to relieve any pressure on all of your joints.

To meet growing demand, a new Restorative Wall Yoga Class will begin April 16th from 9:00 am -10:30 AM at the studio located at 891 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209. Yoga instructor, Laura Lane, states, “This class combines elements of the wall assisted yoga poses, breathwork, and guided relaxation to ground the body, nourish the nervous system, and recalibrate.” She added that this is a perfect class for anyone looking to slow down, collect and rebalance. You can expect each class to incorporate coordinated movement and breath, joint mobilization, gentle strength and stretch, and deep relaxation.

Laura is also excited to announce that OWM by Yoga will offer Free demonstrations the first Saturday of each month beginning this April. These demos are designed for new students who are interested in OWM’s Great Yoga Wall System. During these demos, participants will learn more about the origins of OWM Integrative Wellness, The Great Yoga Wall, and Dr. Kaplan’s physician overseen yoga practice.  The instructor will demonstrate several postures ranging in skill level and students will be able to participate in beginner level postures on the wall as well.  Discounts for future classes will be offered at the event. Those interested in registering for either the demos or the restorative class can do so at

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