Whether you have always wanted to try yoga and are too intimidated by the traditional yoga studios or you have an injury that you think precludes you from continuing your practice, you need to try a session with Yoga by OWM. OWM skilled instructors take their time to get to know each of there students and their particular concerns. The straps on the wall help to relieve any pressure on all of your joints and instructors are there to ensure that  you are doing the positions correctly. You will be surprised, and relieved, at how much better you feel, physically and mentally, after a session with Yoga by OWM. My sessions have helped to alleviate neck pain from an injury and help strengthen bum knees.

Kathleen K

Meet Our Instructors

Our head instructor and studio manager Jessica Vargas is one of the most experienced yoga practitioners in Buffalo and has advanced training in the Great Yoga Wall system.
All of our instructors bring extensive yoga experience and the the highest level of dedication and love for the practice of yoga to every private and class instruction.

Jessica Vargas
Jessica VargasHead Instructor, Studio Manager

Classes and Workshops

1st Saturday, 12:30: Neck and Shoulders Workshop

This workshop offers incredible opening of the chest and shoulders. It helps reduce pain in shoulders and spine while strengthening the upper torso with less stress on shoulder joints. The workshop also focuses on gentle cervical traction techniques that open up cramped discs and nerves. 24 hour cancellation required for a full refund.


2nd Saturday, 12:30: Hips and Knees Workshop

This workshop focuses on strength development of pelvic and leg muscles while significantly reducing the weight on the hip and knee joints. The workshops balance postures create a greater body awareness and alignment of the hip and pelvic region through support provided by the straps. Students will accomplish greater flexibility of hip flexors and hamstrings from being able to hold postures longer through strap suspension support. They will also make faster and better gains in leg and pelvic muscle endurance from being able to hold strength postures longer with help of strap suspension system. 24 hour cancellation required for a full refund.


3rd Saturday 12:30: Free Wall Yoga Demo Workshop

A free introduction to the Great Yoga Wall offers an an overview of Yoga By OWM benefits on the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and knees.


4th Saturday, 12:30: Lumbar Spine and Spinal Rejuvenation Sequence Workshop

This incredible sequence provides strengthening of deep lower back muscles while creating safe and effective traction that results in more space for cramped lumbar discs and nerves. The sequence includes self- and partner -assist posture. 24 hour cancellation required for a full refund.


Zoom Classes

Monday Midday Yoga Break - - Wednesday Midday Yoga Break - - Wednesday Iyengar Flow -- Friday Midday Yoga Break


Therapeutic Yoga in Studio

Offered Mondays 10 AM and 10:30 AM Saturdays. * All classes now REQUIRE pre-registration due to NYS required reduced maximum capacity. * The window for registration/cancellation of registration will close two hours prior to the class start time. So please take care of grabbing or releasing your spot early. (This applies to classes. * If you are registered for class and do not show or cancel within less than 2 hours’ notice, no refunds will be warranted. * We'll be wearing masks the entire time we are practicing and also doing temp checks and screening questions before entering the yoga room.


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