How To Boost Your Immune System for Cold and Flu Season

How To Boost Your Immune System for Cold and Flu Season

Oct 4, 2021

At this time of year, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are becoming cooler. Many people look forward to this season known as autumn. And what’s not to like about it? The fall season means colorful fall foliage and the arrival of many cherished holidays. However, this time of year also brings a different kind of unbidden season, cold and flu season.

Cold viruses and the flu can really be caught at any time of year but, the months of October through March seem to be when viral infections are at a peak. No one likes to be stuck in bed with the dreaded body aches, cough and runny nose, but there are measures we can take to keep our immune system in tip top shape for the long fall and winter months.

Three Key Immune Boosters


Stress wreaks havoc on our immune systems and in turn, increases inflammation in the body. Exercise is one of the most beneficial ways that you can help dissipate this stress response in the body. Physical exertion helps your body to produce endorphins which lower stress levels and promote relaxation. Also, heavy breathing during exercise can help expel bacteria out of the lungs lowering the chance of infection. The form of exercise doesn’t need to be intense or long, but it should be consistent. Even walking just 20 minutes a day can lower stress hormones and increase immunity in your body. Regardless of the type or duration of exercise, the best form of exercise is one that is manageable with your lifestyle. Consistency is key! Lastly, exercise may help with sleep, which is another key immune booster!


Many people do not obtain the recommended 7+ hours a sleep a night needed for optimum health. This is not helpful when trying to defend against viral infections. This is because sleep deprivation reduces your body’s ability to fight off infection; there is a decrease in infection fighting cells and antibodies when quality sleep is not obtained. Proteins released by the immune system when you sleep are called cytokines. Your body needs more cytokines during times of inflammation and physiological stress to fight off infections. Make sure to secure at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night to lower stress and inflammation. Your immune system will thank you!

Some quick tips to improving sleep for immunity:

  • Avoid screen time (phones, laptops, tv) at least 1 hour before bed.
  • Make sure to make time in your schedule for regular, moderate exercise.
  • Avoid caffeine during late afternoon/early evening hours.
  • Meditation. May reduce stress and promote relaxation to improve quality of sleep.

Nutrition Through IV Therapy

Last but certainly not least, your body needs the proper nutrition in order to function at an optimal level and stay healthy year round. Also, when you are sick, your body needs high doses of key vitamins more than ever, to effectively recover.

While it is still important to maintain a healthy diet and supplement with daily vitamins, the unfortunate truth is that we only absorb 10-15% of vitamins and minerals through our digestive system. IV Therapy delivers nutrients through the vein, which ensures 100% absorption rate, to keep your immune system in top shape! This is the only way our bodies can properly obtain the high vitamin doses needed to boost and protect our body during cold and flu season. Not to mention, many therapeutic doses of powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, may cause stomach distress when supplemented orally vs intravenously.

IV Immune Support and Energy Bag

OWM Immune Support Infusions are unmatched when fighting off cold and flu symptoms. Unlike IV clinics, with a one size fits all approach, OWM vitamin bags are catered to the needs of each individual for optimal health. Each bag has a crucial blend of anti-inflammatory vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes to keep your immune system running strong during cold and flu season.

Immunity and Energy bags include:

  • Magnesium: helps maintain proper electrolyte balance, increased cellular function, strengthens cellular ability to seek and destroy germs, activates Vitamin D in the body, manages inflammation
  • Potassium: powerful electrolyte, boosts energy levels, prevents body aches associated with cold symptoms, assists with chronic infection and autoimmune disease.
  • Calcium: helps with multiplication and spread of T-cells throughout the body
  • Zinc: improves immune response, can shorten the length of a cold, increases lymphocyte production, controls inflammation
Vitamin C

Vitamin C deficiency can reduce resistance to cold and flu pathogens making the body vulnerable to sickness. However, adequate amounts of the antioxidant powerhouse can help to build a significantly strong immune system. Some studies show that supplementing Vitamin C can even diminish the duration of sickness, if that were to unfortunately happen. Since your body cannot make Vitamin C on its own it must be supplemented.

B Complex 

B Complex vitamins keep the immune system functioning by creating red blood cells which fight and capture germs and transport oxygen throughout the body. This includes 8 B vitamins which work in synergy to keep energy levels boosted and help you to feel your best during the fall and winter months.

Vitamin D 

Vitamin D helps to balance and strengthen the immune system. People who are susceptible to common cold and influenza infections are associated with low vitamin D levels. T-Cells and other immune cells are boosted by proper levels of Vitamin D in the body; which helps to decrease inflammation and fight off infection.

Ozone Therapy 

OWM Integrative Wellness now offers a cutting edge treatment to boost overall health and immunity! Used medically for over 35 years, Ozone is a 3 molecule super oxygen. Ozone contains properties which help to regulate the immune system and aides in the creation of cellular energy. Ozone has both anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities which are key factors in warding off cold and flu viruses.

OWM offers ozone therapy through both infusion and nasal therapy. In a weakened immune system, ozone acts as a shield and coats the walls of the veins when administered intravenously. Likewise, when administered through nasal inhalation, ozone coats the walls of the nasal passage, also creating a shield. This shield over the vein and/or nasal passage helps to prohibit the pathogen’s ability to stick to the walls and create illness in the body.

Keep these key tips in mind as we head into the inevitable cold and flu season. Exercise, sleep and adequate nutrition are your defense to keep you healthy and on your feet in the upcoming months. OWM IV Infusion can help your body to receive the correct vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system strong. For more information about our IV Infusion and Ozone therapy, give us a call today.

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